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Get the most out of life at the Ann Arbor Athletic Club. Whether you travel frequently, have a busy home life, busy work life, or anything in between, the Ann Arbor Athletic Club provides access to a premier health and fitness facility in vibrant downtown Ann Arbor, networking and social opportunities with a like-minded, supportive community and a personalized fitness plan to help you live your best life both in and out of the gym.



Your goal doesn’t have to be lofty. Not everyone is training for a marathon. Maybe you want to lose fat, show off your arms in a tank top or be comfortable at the beach. Take that hike to Machu Pichhu. Maybe you need to rehabilitate after an injury,  or maybe you’re looking to be more active (or just social) again. No matter what your goal, we’ll help you achieve it.



There is no cookie cutter program when it comes to fitness training Philosophy. Peoples bodies respond differently. Time commitments vary. Physical limitations exist. This is Life. And because no two people are the same, your fitness plan should be tailored to you. To get started, we meet you where you are, and consider where you want to end up by using cutting edge and highly individualized assessments. Our training focuses on strength, stability, endurance, and are made to fit you, your goals, and your abilities in order to enhance your time inside the gym and your life outside of it.

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Terms & Conditions

This plan auto-renews monthly, indefinitely

30-day/one-month notice is required to stop auto-renewal; failure to notify assumes an additional 1-month commitment subject to all terms

Holds may be placed on this plan for a $50 one-time fee. Holds may not exceed 3 months and must be arranged a minimum of 2 weeks before they are desired to start

Temporary closures that include, but are not limited to, acts of nature, mass illness, governmental stops and holds or other actions we can not control will not automatically pause or hold scheduled payments

There are no exceptions made to the hold/cancellation policy for personal injury or sickness

There are no exceptions made to the hold/cancellation policy for moves

We reserve the right to change or cancel this membership at our discretion