When it comes to all things health and fitness, one of the most powerful, cost effective, and impactful things you can do for your health is taking a walk. 

A recent meta study (a study linking studies basically) showed that the more a person walked, the more that person decreased their all cause-mortality rate.

To sum up the article without diving into the weeds: walking more is good for your health.

While yes, this article viewed walking in terms of physical health, walking has also been shown to have mental benefits as well; like more clarity and improved mental performance.

If you consider how your body feels and responds after taking the time to just simply take a walk, it can be pretty relaxing and centering. Finding the time and mental space to slow down to breathe and listen to your thoughts and body is like hitting a reset button, preparing you to take on the day ahead.

We all lead incredibly busy lives but there are practical ways to walk more even within the constraints of the craziest schedules.  Have a phone call coming up?  Take it walking outside or pacing in your office space.  Have 5 minutes after lunch?  Walk around a bit.  Need to let the kids burn off some energy?  A family walk is always a good option.

Point is, there is no right or wrong way to go about this and there are no limits to how short or long a walk has to be to add benefits to your health. 

So in sum, walk more, get steps in when and where you can, they add up across your day and enhance every aspect of your life. Walking is cheap, easy, powerful, and anyone can do it. The results are profound and speak for themselves.

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