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No experience required! Our team works to meet you where you are at. So whether you are brand new to lifting or have been lifting for years, the team of coaches at AAAC will make sure you are moving safely and effectively in whatever skill level you are at.

No, we do not have our own parking but there are plenty of meters and surface lots within close walking distance (street parking/meters are free before 8am and after 6pm and all day Sunday!) We are also located less than a 5-minute walk from free neighborhood street parking and two U of M flat lots (blue lot and orange lot).

The Basic membership is a set progressive program, 3 days of strength + conditioning and 3 days of aerobic training, guided by feedback during coached open gym sessions and quarterly assessments. This membership is not overly specific or personal, but is a great comprehensive plan to lead you to optimum health!

The Elite membership is a fully custom training plan designed around your goals for health and fitness in the gym, outside of the gym, and in your life! Based on your desires, goals, feedback, frequent assessments, and results, your training evolves to correlate and enhance your recovery, nutrition, and performance. Elite members work directly with their coach and have the opportunity for additional one-on-one coaching sessions. This is a full-service comprehensive lifestyle-enhancing program to lead you to the pinnacle of health!

Yes! The Elite membership has a 3-month start up commitment, but after that you can swap between plans as desired or needed based on your life and goals!

Yes! Both memberships offer access to all of the open training and open coaching hours during the week and on weekends!

Coached Open Gym hours are the time when a coach is on the floor coaching, guiding you through movements and your program, helping with your training and form, encouraging you through assessments, answering questions, and actively being available to help you with anything else that will help you become the best version of yourself!

We do not offer any classes but we do offer a range of clinics, seminars, assessment series, and many educational opportunities to enhance your program, life, and goals!

Offering such extensive coached open gym hours, our members and coaches make the club a strong, inclusive, and varied community. Together we enhance your social and professional connections, offer each other motivation, encouragement, and accountability, and make AAAC an incredibly fun place to be!

We do! We can program for any goal, any location, with any equipment, and can work together to do the assessments and monitor progress and changes through video or remote visits!

Since memberships are so individualized we can accommodate travel simply by working together with what you have available to find ways to keep you on track to reach your goals.

The Elite membership requires an initial 3-month commitment for set-up, assessment, and relationship-building, whereas the Basic membership does not have a minimum commitment and can be upgraded at any time. Both memberships require a 30-day notice before cancellation.

Terms & Conditions

This plan auto-renews monthly, indefinitely

30-day/one-month notice is required to stop auto-renewal; failure to notify assumes an additional 1-month commitment subject to all terms

Holds may be placed on this plan for a $50 one-time fee. Holds may not exceed 3 months and must be arranged a minimum of 2 weeks before they are desired to start

Temporary closures that include, but are not limited to, acts of nature, mass illness, governmental stops and holds or other actions we can not control will not automatically pause or hold scheduled payments

There are no exceptions made to the hold/cancellation policy for personal injury or sickness

There are no exceptions made to the hold/cancellation policy for moves

We reserve the right to change or cancel this membership at our discretion