founder, head coach

Through her practice, program development, and continuous education, Kate is constantly developing and refining how to make the most out of specific training and programming to help you reach your goals. Using her background in science and the metabolic principles we stand for, she applies these programs to broaden health and wellness for any person, any goal, and from any starting point.



Travis is all about advocating for the transformative benefits of movement, fitness, and play.
In 2008, he started at Primal Fitness and American Parkour in Washington DC and until 2021, he helped countless students of all ages, backgrounds, and levels to find the joy that is expressing movement in the human body!

A competitive hockey player growing up, Travis switched to parkour and natural movement training in his late teens which afforded him the opportunity to travel the world, expand his skill set, learn from brilliant mentors and be part of some pretty exciting projects, like competing on American Ninja Warrior, World Chase Tag, and doing stunts in an ultra-viral video!

His approach to exercise emphasizes enjoyment, longevity, and full body movement capability. If you’ve ever wanted to feel confident running through a gnarly trail, scrambling up rock faces, leaping over obstacles, or just looking like you can, he can get you there!” 


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